Appointments 2021-2022

For 2021-22, College Access Fairfax will continue to offer all of our services virtually.   Please complete the appointment form below to schedule a one-on-one support session with one of our Champions via videoconference,  email, or phone. Our Calendar shows upcoming College Access Fairfax virtual seminars and sign-up links.   You can access recorded seminars on our Resources page.

  • Paying for College – an overview of the financial aid process.
  • FAFSA Line by Line – we review each question on the FAFSA and explain what information is needed.
  • CSS Profile Line-by-Line – information on how to complete the CSS Profile.
  • Scholarship 101 – information on where to find scholarships and how best to present oneself in a scholarship application.
  • Financial Award Letters – the components of a financial award package and how to compare schools packages.

Powerpoint presentations of each of these seminars can be found on our Workshops page.

If you have questions, please direct them to One of our trained Financial Aid Champions will respond to your question as quickly as possible. In addition, please check our Resources page for answers to frequently asked questions.


Current seniors requiring help completing the 2022-23 FAFSA may request an individual appointment with one of our Financial Aid Champions by completing the form below.  They can schedule help via phone, email or Zoom conference beginning October 1, 2021.

Once an appointment has been scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email shortly before your appointment.  It will state what information you should have to make certain we can accomplish your goal with the appointment.