FAFSA Alerts – Read Prior to Completing

This page contains information to be aware of when completing the FAFSA. Please check back often as new important information regarding the FAFSA will be added as it becomes available.

Int’l Org. Employees (ie World Bank)

How to complete the FAFSA if you work for an international agency (such as World Bank) where you are not required to file either a U.S. or a foreign tax return.

In the parent financial section:

  1. Indicate that the parent will not file taxes.
  2. Enter zeroes for all earned income and tax related questions.
  3. Include your earned income amount within the “other untaxed income” question.

You may wish to contact the individual colleges/universities you are applying to explaining the source of the “other untaxed income” to ensure it is being calculated properly within the school’s financial aid formula.

FAFSA and Alimony Received

If alimony is included as income in the receiving spouse’s tax return (see 1040 Schedule 1, line 2a) it does not need to be reported separately on the FAFSA.

If alimony received is not included as income on the receiving spouse’s 1040 tax return, it should be reported in the “other untaxed income” question.

Alimony is not reportable as income if the divorce or separation agreement was executed or modified after Dec. 31, 2018.

If you need help completing the FAFSA, please note the following on our Resources page:

  1. Download your copy of “Understanding the FAFSA”.
  2. Watch our recorded FAFSA Line-by-Line presentation in our Virtual Library section.
  3. Review each of our other resources in our FAFSA section.

If you need additional help or have questions, please reach out to one of our Champions on our Appointments page.